The Radical Critique      May-June 2015
  • Sympathy for the Devil

    Roman Holiday

    More than anything else, Mewshaw’s Sympathy for the Devil is a nostalgic love letter to Rome, and that is what makes it so very readable—that and the endlessly quotable Gore Vidal.

  • ryanconrad1

    No ‘Equality’ without Social Justice

    RYAN CONRAD is an artist, activist, and scholar whose politics challenge what he sees as assimilationist tendencies in the mainstream GLBT movement. He’s also the co-founder of Against Equality and editor of their recently published book, Against Equality.

  • Playwright Larry Kramer in his apartment in Manhattan, NY.

    America through a Gay Glass, Darkly

    Almost four decades after Kramer’s novelistic debut, his follow-up has at last arrived—part of it, that is. Search for My Heart is Volume One of the two-volume The American People. At 880 pages it is indeed a fatty.

  • Slipping Glimpse of the Narrative Eye

    Michals has used the camera as such a vehicle for over fifty years, producing a still-growing portfolio of work that has often challenged our notions of what photography should look like in both form and subject matter.

Latest from the Blog

Why Italy Is the Gay Place to Go

WHERE TO GO in Europe this year? That’s the question that confronted me as I started planning this year’s gay history trip for Oscar Wilde Tours. Last year’s tour followed our patron saint Oscar Wilde through his life, starting in Dublin, traveling to London, and ending in Paris.          This year, we decided to focus [...]

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Gimme Shelter

Bloggers and Facebookers tittered (and twittered) about an item in an Alaska newspaper, The Juneau Empire, running under the headline “Glory Hole Rededication” and picturing a priest announcing the relaunch of a Christian shelter for homeless men. The launchers were presumably unaware of the double meaning, which earned them the epithets “naïve” and “clueless” in [...]

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Okay, the Image Was “Flipped”!

THE TIME has come to set the record straight. Several readers have written in to point out that the full-page illustration that appears in the current issue (March-April ’15) under the title, “Jesus’ Penis and the Seed of Faith,” was printed backward, making it unreadable unless you hold the page to a mirror. The page [...]

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From Rome with Love

Can it be that Stephen and I have discovered some yet unexplored homoerotic art at the Villa Borghese in Rome? Probably not, as art historians have presumably combed every square centimeter of surface area in this and other major art centers in the Eternal City. And yet, an Internet search for gay art on the [...]

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The Tenth Circle

There’s a newly ordained pastor in Puerto Rico named José Santiago, and he wasn’t long on the job before people began posting pictures of a guy who looked remarkably like him—and not just any guy but a well-known gay porn star named Gustavo Arrango. Sure enough, it turns out the two men are one and [...]

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Aaron Schock’s Fall: A Star Is Born

The time has come to bid farewell to Congressman Aaron Schock, the Illinois Republican who’s no stranger to this column due to his flamboyant style and his horrible voting record on GLBT issues. Schock abruptly resigned from the House in March after various irregularities of a financial nature were disclosed. There were padded expense accounts [...]

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