Max Performer Review – Does It Really Work?

Max Performer is a proven, naturally formulated male enhancement supplement that is produced and sold by Silver Blade Nutrition Ltd.

max performer review

Alongside helping to increase testosterone and blood flow levels (in particular to your penis) – thus encouraging stronger, harder erections – Max Performer can produce a number of other benefits:

  • Bigger, harder erections
  • Increased sexual desire and energy
  • Improved sexual performance and stamina
  • Stronger, more intense orgasms.
  • Improved confidence, moods and self-esteem

How Does It Work?

From day one Max Performer works hard to increase blood flow and testosterone levels to your sexual organs, in order to encourage the creation of new cells which can accommodate this extra blood.

As your erectile tissues multiply and replicate, this causes your penis to thicken and grow harder when erect, whilst remaining firmer for longer. At the same time, these increased levels of testosterone can boost sperm production and stamina, giving you the energy levels and drive to lengthen your sexual experiences and benefit from mind blowing orgasms.

This is further helped by the quantity Silver Blade Nutrition has included of each of their ingredients. In fact, Max Performer has been proven to supply your body with 4 times the amount of natural components needed to create rock hard erections.

Horny Goats Weed (1000mg)

Enriched in lcariin, this compound has been proven to stimulate nerves; boost testosterone levels; improve blood flow and heighten sexual function and arousal.

Increased testosterone levels can quickly help to improve blood flow, encouraging your penis to achieve thicker, harder erections as its cells are forced to multiply/replicate in order to accommodate this extra blood.

Maca (1000mg)

A potent aphrodisiac, this root extract is overflowing in macamides and macenes (photochemicals) that are believed to rejuvenate hormone levels and boost your energy. Not only does this help you to maintain your erection, but when paired with its ability to increase sperm counts and their motility; this can strengthen the power and longevity of your orgasms.

Korean Red Ginseng (1000mg)

Ginseng RootsAccording to the British Medical Journal, during a clinical trial of this extract in 2002, 45 of the trials participants experienced more successful erections as well as increased sexual desire and lower stress levels after taking it daily.

Korean Red Ginseng root extract has also been recognised for its ability to strengthen your nervous system; boost energy levels and lengthen your endurance.

Cordyceps (1000mg)

A natural sugar, Cordyceps is believed to help facilitate cell communication, encouraging increase blood flow to your sexual organs and stronger erections. In addition, this mushroom extract has been linked to bolstered testosterone levels, stamina, and sexual desire, as well as visible improvements to the thickness and size of your penis (due to the cells in your penis being forced to multiply in order to handle this extra blood flow).

Bioperine (15mg)

Derived from black and long pepper plants (Piper Negrum and Piper Langum), its natural chemical compound is reputed to increase your body’s ability to absorb active ingredients, whilst also working to stimulate cellular energy (which is needed to enhance the size of your penis), improve blood flow and invigorate your stamina.


A natural antioxidant, Selenium works to minimize damage caused to your cells by oxidative stress, whilst helping your penis tissues to relax, accept increased blood flows and alleviate symptoms of erectile dysfunction.


Zinc is essential for maintaining your body and keeping it healthy. Reputed to speed up cell recovery and boost sperm production, these combined can help you to experience more potent ejaculations and longer lasting orgasms.

In fact, according to a recent clinical study into the effects of Zinc and folic acid, participants experienced a 74% increase in sperm counts as well as improvements to fertility.

These ingredients may make up the core of Max Performer, however, this versatile supplement also contains Pantothenic Acid, Iron, Niacin and Riboflavin that are renowned for improving athletic performance, testosterone levels, recovery times, energy, blood flow and stamina.

More importantly, Riboflavin encourages healthy cell division and sperm development which is vital for powerful, thicker, harder erections.

Does Max Performer Really Work?

Max Performer is true to its reputation for producing firmer, harder erections and mind blowing orgasms.

Beyond increasing your testosterone levels, sperm counts, and blood flow; Max Performer can make noticeable differences to your energy levels, instantly combating fatigue and alleviating stress.

The video below is from a guy called Darren Jackson who used Max Performer for 6 months with amazing results. You can check out his review here

Order Process, Shipping + Unboxing

Ordering Max Performer is incredibly easy and discreet as payments can be taken using PayPal. Similarly, you’ll be supplied with an order confirmation email and 1 day later, a further email stating your order completion and tracking number.

I received my order 48 hours later and it came in a plain brown box that gave no indication of what was inside. This means you can order with complete discretion and privacy, as well as enjoy the high-quality packaging and box designs. It is all very sleek and professional.

My Results

I noticed immediate improvements to my erection strength around day 3 as well visible increases to my energy levels, stamina and overall endurance.

My penis too, was noticeably thicker by the end of the first week and even when I stopped taking it the changes seemed to last for quite some time, which my partner loved as the increased girth stimulated her and in turn myself considerably more.

The renewed energy levels were certainly a bonus, as it aided my recovery time, and enabled me to last nearly twice as long. This translated into my day to day life too as I found I was less tired and certainly more eager to ‘entertain’ in the bedroom.

I noted rapid improvements to my mood, stamina, and longevity during the first month, whilst my erection strength nearly doubled enabling me to last longer and bring my partner to new levels of ecstasy. Similarly, my recovery times improved the longer I took Max Performer.

By the end of month 3, my sexual desire and drive were through the roof, and thanks to the visible increases to my penis girth and length, I was able to last longer and benefit from intensely powerful and longer lasting orgasms.

Max Performer Dosage + How To Use For Maximum Results

For optimum results you should take 2 tablets a day; drink plenty of water and aim to take them at the same time.

I took both of mine at the same time every morning, roughly 20 minutes before I ate breakfast. I also found regular exercise helped to amplify my results, as increased cardio health and a happier body helped me to better absorb the ingredients.

Another clever technique I used to try and boost my results was taking them with fresh vegetable juice each day. Kale was particularly effectively despite tasting awful.


100% natural ingredients – comprised of minerals, herbs, extracts and plants, Max Performer is a powerful natural solution.

Clinically and anecdotally tested – you can trust that Max Performer does exactly what it says it does, without ingesting herbs that are bad for your health. All of their ingredients have been tested and proven to work.

Carefully chosen ingredients – every one of Max Performer’s ingredients have been purposefully chosen for their ability to boost blood flow and testosterone levels, and encourage natural improvements to your penis health.

Powerful results – by stimulating the replication/multiplication of cells in your penis, this increased presence of cells not only will help to permanently thicken and lengthen your penis, but will ensure your penis has the long term capability of holding more blood and achieving firmer erections.

Side effect free – thanks to its all natural ingredients, the only side effects you’ll experience with Max Performer is positive improvements to your erection size, stamina and longevity.


Long term solution – I was lucky to start seeing results early on, but this isn’t always the case for everyone, so be prepared to wait before you start seeing clear improvements to your erection quality and performance .

Not Cheap – no one wants to pay over the price; however fall prey to cheap prices and you’ll be greeted with cheap supplements and cheap results.

And I won’t lie, Max Performer isn’t the cheapest; however, if you’re serious about getting results you will have to overlook the fact that all the best supplements have a price to match and instead focus on the long-term gains Max Performer has got to offer.

Things You NEED To Know BEFORE You Buy Max Performer

Trust goes a long way to earning respect and enticing you to buy, so before you make any type of decision, why not take a look at the facts below. Here, you can uncover all the hidden truths about Max Performer and who they are:

#1 – Max Performer Is Based In the UK

Max Performer is a London-based company that offers free worldwide shipping across the globe. They also offer an express DHL option to the USA, Australia, and Certain European countries, meaning no one has to miss out on the numerous benefits of their all natural supplement.

#2 – Results Take Time to Build Up

Although I personally started to see changes quite quickly, this won’t be the same for everyone. Similarly, not all of their results are instant but actually take some time to fully work. With me, my results peaked around week 12 which is their recommended usage, so don’t lose heart if your results aren’t instantaneous. Goof things come with time.

#3 – You Can Pay With Credit Card and PayPal

Max Performer now offer multiple payment options. You can either pay with credit / debit card or Paypal express.

#4 – Money Back Guarantee

To qualify for their 100-day money back guarantee you first have to use Max Performer for at least 90 days. If at this point you see no results, you’ll need to return all of your empty boxes and only then will they issue a full refund.

How To Get The Best Deal On Max Performer

It goes without saying the more you buy, the greater value for money you’ll experience.

Like all supplement providers, Max Performer offers a range of package deals – 1 month to 6 months – to not only ensure that you benefit from instant savings, but to ensure that you’ve got all the resources you need to witness stronger results.

Similarly, they offer discount codes and promotional deals to cut your costs and encourage your investment.

Where To Buy Max Performer Pills

I always recommend going straight to the source and buying from an official website to prevent buying a cheap copy. I cannot count how many times I have bought a product from a 3rd party to receive what is clearly an imitation or a poor substitute of the product I wanted.

Also buying direct can offer you the reassurance that the supplement has been produced to the highest quality and you are protected by the money back guarantee.